Welcome to Illinois Star Centre Mall

New Ownership.

New Attitude.

Illinois Star Centre Mall offers over 50 Stores and Restaurants for Shopping Enjoyment.

Illinois Star Centre Mall also serves the Southern Illinois Community with Events that Exhilarate, Events that Showcase Local Talent, and Events that Captivate.


Gift Certificates
Illinois Star Center Mall Gift Certificates are NOT AVAILABLE at this time


Single and double strollers are available for rent for $2 -$3. 


Complimentary Wheelchairs 
Wheelchairs require a $10 deposit which is returned upon return of the chair. 


Scooter Rental 
Our scooter requires a $20 deposit of which we return $15. ($5 rental fee) 


Copies and Fax Service 
Copies are made for $.25 each - Fax will be sent for $3 for the first page and $1 for each additional page. $1 each to receive pages for you. 


Shopping Bags 
Shopping Bags are $.50 each. 


Lockers are available for a $.25 key charge.


Monday - Friday
9am to 4 pm 


All listed services are available through the Mall Management Office located in the Target Wing in Suite 604. 


Public phones can be found near the Customer Service Booth. 


Lost and Found inquires can be made at either of the above sites. 


Public Restrooms are situated in the Food Court.